Cloud Based Solution

What is a Cloud Based Solution?

Cloud Based Solutions are on- demand services, computer networks, storage applications or resources that are accessed via the internet through a shared cloud computing infrastructure. Cloud computing takes place through a network of data centres that are connected to the Internet. These Internet-connected data centres can store software, programs and applications relevant to your organisation.

Why Cloud?

With Cloud Technology, your business can mitigate risks, improve data security, reduce downtime and significantly reduce maintenance and operating costs.

Your Company can benefit from the ability to access cloud-based solutions from anywhere with an internet connection and a digital device. The widespread adoption of smartphones and faster mobile networks have given users the ability to access cloud-based solutions from anywhere and anytime.

Prior to cloud technology, financial institutions needed to spend money on costly computer infrastructure, in- house staff and storage facilities in order to install and store all of its software and applications. With cloud technology, your company avoids the costly process of installing and storing information, all you have to do is simply connect to the internet to access all software and applications that are saved to the cloud.

In essence, cloud computing allows you to use and access your software or applications that are connected to the Internet from anywhere at any time as long as there is an internet connection.

Cloud Computing for Financial Institutions

More financial institutions around the world are moving to cloud technology in order to make their operations more secure, efficient and affordable.

Benefits of Using Cloud Technology

Ready to start enjoying the benefits of Cloud Technology?